Delegates from the World Bank have visited Arusha Technical College (ATC) to assess and get feedback on the progress of EASTRIP Project activities for the financial year 2021/2022.The ATC EASTRIP Assistant Coordinator Mr. Ramadhani Issa presented to the officials the project progress to show various achievements, obstacles and way forward.

ATC has successfully procured two motorcycles and three motorcars one being the bus which is responsible for taking our students from main campus (ATC) located in Arusha City) to Kikuletwa Renewable Energy Training and Research Centre (KRETC) located in Hai District in Kilimanjaro Region and procurement of a consultant for the design of various infrastructures at the KRETC campus.

Also during the financial year 2021/2022, ATC has conducted tracer study for graduate class of 2020, send staff to industry for practical training, conducted exchange programs for staff within the region, conducted sensitization activities to both students and staff on the EASTRIP project and signed several memorandum of understanding with different institutions to strengthen links and collaborations with institutions in both academia and industry.

EASTRIP world bank

World bank delegates in mechanical workshop while visiting Arusha Technical College

The world Bank officials congratulated the ATC team for the great achievement and urged them to keep on moving fast. Furthermore they insisted on adding more efforts on enrolling female students even by offering scholarships since their number is relatively low compared to male students despite.