The purpose of this study was to establish employment outcomes of Arusha Technical College graduates. The main survey instruments used were open and closed ended questionnaires for both graduates and employers. The study targeted 1031 graduates for all cohorts and 100 employers. Thus, sample size for each cohort (2017, 2018 and 2019) was (323, 339 and 369) respectively for population sizes (448, 364 and 404). The response rates were 587 (56.9%) for graduates and 62 (62%) for employers.

Key Findings
i) Employment rate among respondents was 56.1%. Majority of these graduates were employed on contract basis followed by permanent employed and self-employed. Unemployment rate for both male and females had low disparity in individual group comparison (29.7% of 454 male and 29.3% of 133 female). Similarly, 70.8% of permanent employed respondents graduated in fields of Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Laboratory Science and Technology. Employment was found to be high among graduates who have attained Ordinary Diploma level of qualification than other qualifications.

ii) It was found that 53.5% of the respondents who were unemployed and looking for employment specialized in fields of Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Biomedical, Civil and Highway Engineering and Laboratory Science and Technology.

iii) It was found that 5.5% of the respondents were self-employed with their initial investment capital obtained from parents/ relatives and friend/ joint ventures. Majority of them specialized in the field of Electrical Engineering. Similarly, 59.4% invested TZS 500,000 and above and 34.4% invested between TZS 100,000 and 500,000 for all fields of specialization.

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