Arusha Technical College under the EASTRIP project conducted a tracer study to find the employment outcome of students graduated in year 2020. The main survey instruments used were open and closed ended questionnaires for
both graduates and employers.
The response rate was 505 (82%) out of 619 graduates

Key findings:

i) Employment rate among respondents was170 (33.6%). Majority of these graduates were employed on contract basis followed by selfemployed and permanent employed. Majority of the employed graduates were from Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Laboratory Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Automation Engineering. Employment was found to be high among graduates who have attained Ordinary Diploma level of qualification than other qualifications.

ii) It was found that manufacturing sector is the major employer of ATC graduates, absorbing 26 (19.7%) of those who were employed. This is followed by energy and construction industries sector in which 20 (15.2%) graduates are employed. In addition graduates provided a positive assessment on the level of satisfaction with aspects of employments, which included ability to work independently, clear and regular tasks, and possibilities to put their own ideas into practice.

iii) It was found that ATC graduates who are selfemployed invested TZS.100,000 to TZS. 500,000. Majority (75%) of self-employed graduates obtained capital for investment from parents/ relatives. In addition, self-employed graduates outlined lack of capital for investment, lack of experience, lack of proper equipment and tools, marketing problem, unfavorable business environment, and unfavorable registration procedures as the main challenge.

iv) Majority of graduates which accounts 69% are unemployed due to unsuccessful application.

v) Employers reported that they are satisfied with the knowledge and skills of ATC graduates, they also reported that most of graduates lack knowledge of national laws

For further detail of the study, please read the Tracer Study Report for Graduate of 2020 .